Introducing NoMiNoU’s Artist Collaborations

While NoMiNoU is well-known for its distinctly Canadian designs and patterns, we are also a proudly inclusive brand that aims to celebrate the diversity of all cultures. In fact, the name NoMiNoU is derived from the phrase “No Me, No You”, which is a deliberate statement of our belief that we are all one in the universe. In keeping with this aim, we are excited to announce that we’re launching the Global Artists Initiative for artist collaborations! Through this initiative, we will collaborate with emerging international artists to showcase their designs in our collection.

NoMiNoU was created as a way for our founder, Jullianna, to share her late mother Naomi’s artwork with the world. Her mother had travelled extensively around the globe and as she explored other cultures, she embraced and welcomed them wholeheartedly – and they welcomed her. As her art reflected her belief in the importance of acceptance and unity, inviting international artists to collaborate with us feels like a fitting tribute to Naomi and everything she stood for. With so much division all around us these days, we want to unite people by celebrating different ethnicities – and our hope is that these artistic collaborations will do just that!

Eagle Gold capri from our artist collaborations

The Global Artists Initiative will allow us to highlight the beauty of artistic traditions around the world, while at the same time nurturing the growing talents of new artists by providing exposure and appropriate financial compensation. Each artist will work closely with the NoMiNoU team to create artwork that represents their cultural heritage, and each design will be commissioned exclusively for NoMiNoU. All of our artists will be paid a fair commission price for their designs, as well as royalties that are among the highest in the industry.

One of our most recent partnerships has been with Eric Parnell, a member of the Eagle clan of the Haida Nation, whose distinctive style of art is bold and eye-catching. We are also currently working with artists who are creating designs for NoMiNoU that represent Polynesian and Indian styles of artwork, among others. Get to know our artists better here.

Eagle Maple Leaf Capri from our artist collaborations