A Statement From Our CEO
Jullianna Charlton

We are at a pivotal time in our human history, where a powerful social movement has swept our Western World on the heels of a crushing economic set-back.

“For Indigenous people, we’re often navigating how to honor our culture while protecting teachings and ideas sacred to us. With my work, I always have an open heart, and what I create is meant to be shared by all.”

Ovila Mailhot, Artist
Sto:lo & Nlaka’pamux Nation

Social movements are ushered in by will, and as consumers we are all being called to support Indigenous businesses to help sustain this movement in order to undo Native invisibility, support anti-racism and advance justice. At the same time, we are all being called to support small, local businesses by our government to help sustain our economy, in order to avoid the disastrous effects of a recession.

“I am incredibly proud and honoured for any person of any race, colour and ethnic background to wear my artwork.”

David R. Maracle, Artist
Mohawk, Bear Clan

As we become more conscious of our choices we must think outside of the corporate Big Box. Our values are being examined under a microscope, which is an incredible opportunity for each of us to truly identify our value system, and make choices about our lives from that personal alignment. NoMiNoU is female owned and operated. We remain a small business dedicated to manufacturing using post-consumer recycled materials while saving thousands of tonnes of plastic bottles from landfills. Large athletic wear companies that are manufacturing overseas create a profound carbon footprint, eliminate domestic employment opportunities and limit market visibility with non-compete clauses. This all restricts the growth of smaller, locally, made in Canada companies such as ours.

“As humans, we are all one, so I encourage all races of life to wear NoMiNoU’s product. I am honoured and humbled for people of all cultures to wear my artwork.”

Eric Parnell, Artist
Haida Nation

The consumer is becoming conscious and wants to know where their materials are made, what’s in them, who designed them, and what the company who sells them does with the money that they make. Unlike many large corporations, NoMiNoU does not just symbolically support Indigenous cultures, we take action by honouring Indigenous artists through exposure, recognition, and above-industry standard financial compensation by way of commissioned art fees and royalties for their designs. All artists are credited on the website and also via hang-tags which are printed and attached to the pieces of clothing which feature their artwork. We offer material goods that align with our consumers’ value systems that include promoting equality, supporting culture, heritage, diversity, sustainability, and the health and wellness of the planet and its people.

“This collection is meant for all colours of the human race, the medicine wheel of people. I come from a place of peace and love and I have always believed in love medicine for all – and that’s how we are going to heal mother earth.”

David R. Maracle, Artist
Mohawk, Bear Clan

Thank you for choosing to shop with us. With your purchasing power, you support not only our small business but our preferred retail partners, provide a platform for our artists, and contribute to the sustainability of our planet.

Together we can make – and are making – an integral difference!

NoMiNou Jullianna

Jullianna Charlton NoMiNoU Founder