The NoMiNoU Loyalty Rewards Program

Welcome to the NoMiNoU Loyalty Program! As a token of appreciation to our loyal customers, we have designed a program so you can earn points while shopping online and redeem them for free products!

Is there a fee to join the NoMiNoU Loyalty Rewards Program?

No. It’s free to join!

Who can join the NoMiNoU Loyalty Rewards Program?

All customers who shop online are eligible to participate in our online loyalty rewards program!

How does the NoMiNoU Loyalty Rewards Program work and how do I earn points?

Each time you spend $85 (not including tax or shipping) online at, you get 85 points added to your account. Earn 850 points and get $85 in credit for your next purchase online.

How do I join the NoMiNoU Loyalty Rewards Program?

Glad you asked! It’s easy:  When you order online at, you are automatically added to the program and your points will be automatically added to your account!

Where can I see my account summary and how many points I have?

You can view your cumulative points summary after making an online purchase at

How do I know how many points I will earn from each item?

Each product page on summarizes the total number of points you will earn from the purchase.

Do my points ever expire?


What happens to my points if I make a return?

The points you earned on the items being returned will be deducted from your available point balance.

Can I earn points from previous online purchases?

Points cannot be earned from previous online purchases.

Can I combine my in-store loyalty points with my online loyalty points?

At the moment, points cannot be combined. You can only earn in-store points through each qualifying purchase made in-store. All purchases made online through are only eligible for online points.

What are in-store loyalty points and how do they different from my online loyalty points?

We currently have a separate in-store stamp points program for customers who shop at our retail outlets at Tsawwassen Mills and Edmonton  Outlet Collection. In-store customers receive 85 points (equal to one stamp) for every purchase totalling at least $85 (before taxes). Once 10 in-store stamps are collected (850 points), customers receive an $85 credit that can only be redeemed at one of our two retail stores.


  1. Points can only be earned from online purchases at
  2. All points are the property of NoMiNoU Designs.
  3. A customer who purchases an item from will receive 85 points for every $85 purchase. All purchases under $85 are not eligible for points.
  4. Certain merchandise may be exempt from this loyalty rewards program.
  5. Online points cannot be earned from purchases made in any retail locations. There is no exception to this.
  6. Points are not transferrable, and points are only valid for the account that earned them.
  7. If purchases are returned (either online or in any retail location), the appropriate number of points will be deducted from the customer’s online loyalty points account.
  8. Points can only be redeemed on
  9. Points cannot be used to pay for shipping charges or sales tax.