Artist-Partnered Eco-Friendly Activewear
Made in Canada

Wearable art featuring original works created by local & international artists.

Every collection I create embodies a love of life, learning and growing through kindness and awareness. All nourishing to our minds, bodies and souls, while keeping us grounded in the importance of living life with purpose and grace. That is the spirit of NoMiNoU.

– Jullianna Charlton, Founder and CEO, NoMiNoU

Our Story

NoMiNoU embodies a love of ethnicity, learning and growth through embracing one’s origin and from the teachings from those around us; all nourishing to our spirit, minds and bodies thus keeping us grounded in the importance of living life with purpose and grace.

We create a line of “wearable art”-that is collectable, functional and fashionable whilst honouring cultural  diversity and respecting our environment.

We offer distinct designs characterized by unique patterns which are adapted from original artwork created by the late mother of company founder, Jullianna Charlton, or from commissioned collaborations with Indigenous, Canadian & international artists.

NoMiNoU ….”There is no me, no you – we are one people one planet” – Jullianna


NoMiNoU started as a personal journey of self-awareness, but it has evolved into a collaborative endeavour that celebrates cultural diversity, individuality and the acceptance of one’s origins. Our aim is to uplift humankind in their everyday lives and make them feel powerful in their own essence.

NoMiNoU is a fusion of the name of Jullianna’s mother, Naomi, and the phrase “No Me, No You”. “There is no me, no you – we are one people one planet.” – Jullianna

NoMiNoU is a gift created by my mother, collaboration with world renowned artists, designed by me and inspired by humankind everywhere.

Jullianna Charlton NoMiNoU Founder

Jullianna Charlton

Founder and CEO

NoMiNoU is a fusion of the name of my mother, Naomi, and the phrase “No Me, No You”. The brand was inspired by artwork that my own mother had created, art that I was unaware of until I found it upon her death.

My organization now partners with a variety of artists, supporting them financially and providing space for the voices of their culture to be heard.

Together we promote self-awareness, self-love and help bring appreciation to the wide diversity of cultures in our world.

The artists we partner with receive above industry average commission fees for their art and royalties for each garment sold, and they are honoured through all marketing channels.

The finished products – athleisure wear – are ethically made in Canada, using fabrics made from post-consumer recycled BPA-free plastics, recycled wood pulp, and sustainable bamboo.

Our products are printed with eco-friendly inks, and where applicable treated with an environmentally friendly treatment that is made from a natural biomass called chitosan. Chitosan is used in lieu of harsh chemicals thus providing a soft supple feel, SPF protection, natural antibacterial protection and wicking component.

Each item is designed to help men and women stand proud in their individualism, celebrate cultural diversity, and connect humankind through wearable art.

It is a joy to share my story with you and to provide these incredible artists with a vehicle to help make a living through their talent.  I am honoured to have the opportunity to support our artist-partners by forging fair and equitable partnerships.

NoMiNou Jullianna

NoMiNoU is fair fashion

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