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Hummingbird Blue Legging
NoMiNoU Made in Canada

Made in Canada

Designed, printed and manufactured entirely in Canada

NoMiNoU Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly Materials

Such as polyester made from post-consumer recycled BPA-free water bottles, rayon made from bamboo, and TENCEL™ fabric made from sustainably sourced wood, all printed with eco-friendly water-based inks

NoMiNoU partners with international artists

Artists Compensated

We compensate our artists with industry high commissions and royalties

My name is Eric Parnell. My family is from the Haida Nation, Haida Gwaii. Ancestral family originally from Kiusta, Haida Gwaii. I am blessed and honored to be collaborating with NoMiNoU Designs. I am more than satisfied and happy with the commission rates, and royalties I receive from NoMiNoU. Sharing my art with NoMiNoU makes me feel filled with gratitude. I am grateful for NoMiNoU for taking a chance with my art, and accepting me to begin a solid trusted work relationship. I am proud and thrilled that my Northwest Coast Native art designs have come to life through NoMiNoU. As humans, we are all one, so I encourage all races of life to wear NoMINoU’s product. I am honoured and humbled for people of all cultures to wear my artwork.

– Eric Parnell

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