NoMiNoU Ambassador Profile: Rosalyn Mow

In 2012, Rosalyn Mow stumbled upon a form of exercise that would soon take over her life. A former competitive rhythmic gymnast and Chinese ballet dancer, she started to feel burned out and sought out an alternative form of exercise. She found it at Tantra Fitness Studios, where she took one pole class and quickly fell in love with the sport. And within a few years of her initial introduction to pole dancing, Rosalyn was awarded 1st Place at the U.S. National Championships!

What does wellness mean to you?
Wellness to me is the ability to enjoy the positive things in life. It starts with eating well and incorporating exercise into my routine to have energy and focus throughout the day. I personally enjoy being challenged in my career and I feel that openness to learning and experiencing new things gives me things to look forward to. Then it comes down to being surrounded by those that uplift my spirits, as living with wellness is not just about me but my relationship with others.

What does a day in your life look like?
I start almost every morning with a jog by the seawall. On weekdays, I then head to my office where I work as a Notary Public. After work, I head to Tantra Fitness to either train or teach pole fitness. For the occasional week night off, I’d attend a networking event. I’ve grown up with a busy schedule and even though I normally get home around 9 p.m., I’m so used to this that I wouldn’t know what to do if I got home any earlier. Weekends are usually spent with family and friends.

With such a busy life, how do you maintain balance?
The balance part for me hasn’t always been easy when things conflict, but it’s all about priorities. My family will always come first. Thankfully my husband is a triathlete who just made the Canadian team for Worlds this year, so our training schedules are both demanding and we get home around the same time. I actually work alongside my mother who is also a Notary Public, and I always leave time on the weekends for family and friends.

Life for me right now is busy but it’s largely because competition season is approaching for pole fitness. It comes in waves, so although I may be training a lot more now, I know that in a few months my schedule could be very different.

What are your top wellness tips?
I always make sure I do a good warm up and stretch before any training session. I also try to drink at least eight cups of water a day.

What are your favourite items in the current NoMiNoU collection?
I am in love with my Eagle Silver Leggings! I love how bold and flattering the design is. My currently favorite item to train in would be the Warrior shorts. Besides being super comfortable and giving me the right amount of skin exposure I need for pole training, I just love the color palette and how beautiful it shows up in pictures!

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects, collaborations, events, or personal milestones in the works?
I’m very excited to be a part of NoMiNoU’s ambassadors program. Currently I’m training for two pole competitions this year. One is hosted by the Canadian Pole Sport Federation and will be held in Calgary, the other is the Canadian Pole Fitness Competition (also known as Canadian Nationals), which will be held in Vancouver.

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