Each NoMiNoU line embodies a love of life, learning and growing through kindness and awareness. All nourishing to our spirit, minds and bodies and keeping us grounded in the importance of living life with purpose and grace.

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Where Do NoMiNoU’s Designs Come From?

Our designs are inspired by original artwork from the late mother of NoMiNoU’s founder Jullianna Charlton.

In the 1970s, Jullianna’s mother travelled extensively throughout BC’s Coast Salish regions, where she embraced the culture and was welcomed by the area’s First Nations community. During this time, she learned a great deal about First Nations art, and began to create her own pieces that were inspired by the artwork and culture around her. Jullianna has taken her mother’s art and reworked it into the designs you see in our Spirit Collection. These prints are used with integrity and with the utmost respect for the culture that taught Jullianna’s mother all about this art form.

NoMiNoU is proud to work with local artists in several different ways. We commission pieces from artists that draw inspiration from Jullianna’s mother’s designs, and we also collaborate directly with First Nation artists who create new prints that are original and exclusive to NoMiNoU. In both instances, we compensate the artists with a fee and royalties for their work.

In addition to the Spirit Collection, Jullianna has used her mother’s drawings and sketches to create other memorable designs, including the wildly popular Admiration Collection which features some of her mother’s bright watercolour prints.

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