StyleSite, “Indigo, NYC – Trend Report”

April 16, 2014

Confirming that we are on trend with our use of prints Stylesite reported on April 16, 2014 the trends from “Indigo” where design studios from around the world unveiled their latest designs for S/S15.

The major trends unveiled:

  • Tropical safari theme arises
  • Hazy watercolor finishes update the digital blurs previously seen
  • Designs incorporate an artistic hand
  • Hand-rendered prints with mundane marker pens are the new key prints

Outlined on Stylesight, “Materials Forcast Conformation”

Feb 28, 2014

Stylesight forecasted fabric that plays with optics and texture. In our Impulse trend, we anticipated abstract prints, tactile texture and jarring contrasts. Our prediction was confirmed at the latest seasonal tradeshows, including Première Vision