NoMiNoU’s Style Chord editorial

From the moment I was introduced to NOMI Designs, I was captivated by the intricacy and simplicity of Creative Director, Julianna Smith’s aesthetic. A curated collection that is brought forth around the artistry and work of Smith’s late mother. Smith and her team at NOMI are graceful in their execution and innately aware of how they represent the women they are and the women who wear their garments. Their philosophy follows as such: “Be beautiful by virtue of being fashionable in your own essence.”

An essence that echoed while we were on set on a dreary and grey Vancouver day. (Though, lately – the copious amounts of sunshine have made winter on the west coast seem completely non-existent.) Our creative team is tight knit and so I warned our stunning Enry of such. “Don’t be surprised if things get weird on set.” To my surprise, she took the humour and ran with it instead of shying away.

My kind of lady.

This collaborative was an experimentation of colour – something I normally avoid at all costs. Although my personal tastes surround that of the sartorially refined (and usually menswear); I fell in love with the ideology that took place on set. We were there to celebrate the power of a strong and well educated woman but we were also there to have fun. To enjoy each other’s company and to grow collectively. Teaming up with local photographer Ryan MacLean made all the sense in the world, because he too, is in it for the love. He made the entire process effortless; fully supporting the crazy that was taking place on set.

I digress. Back to NOMI.

They’re the new gals on the block but already hold a message that will surpass time. As Smith puts it so eloquently, “To ‘NOMI’ is ‘to know you’. When you wear a piece of NOMI clothing with our original artwork and inspirational quotes, it’s a subtle reminder to you to celebrate your individuality and strength as a woman. You quite literally are wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

The three pieces that really caught my eye were all in the Jules family: the Jules Blazer and Shorts Suit in pink, the Jules Linen Shirt in white and the Jules Feather Blouse. Aesthetic aside, the quality was immaculate. The shirt and blouse – in their own rights – were so comfortable and soft. And the blazer and shorts offered a lot of versatility. We were feeling the 80’s vibe on set and ran with it, taking the serenity of the pieces and adding a little spice to it. Think of it, as a PYT (that’s Pretty Young Thing) with an attitude. But not a bad attitude, she’s just a bad-ass cause she knows exactly who she is. Smith’s favourite piece – along with everyone else who was on set that day – is the Jules feather blouse. “We chose a piece of original artwork that is very reminiscent to me as a little girl growing up. It is one of a blond girl riding on the back of a condor. To me, it represents a time in my life where I was absolutely free of all self doubt and just soaring through life. The quote we found complements the art perfectly…”

Cut not the wings of your dreams for they are the heartbeat and freedom of your soul.

So maybe it was the nostalgia of the simple life, the yearning of true freedom or the need to truly find comfort in one’s skin, but NOMI had us all talking. It’s just the start for this family based brand, but it’s those family values that will aid in their success rather than hinder it. Wearing your heart on your sleeve never looked so good.

I’m off to do some soul searching.

Model | Enry of Family Management
Photography | Ryan MacLean
Styling | Ghazal Elhaei
Hair | Joshua Malcolm
Make-Up | Chanel Routhier

Additional clothing c/o H&M. Accessories are stylist’s own.

March 5th