Quiz: Which NoMiNoU scarf style are you?

You probably already know that NoMiNoU scarves come in a range of patterns and designs, but did you know they can also be worn in a variety of styles? Take our quiz below to find out which NoMiNoU scarf style suits you best!

1. What is your favourite way to spend a Saturday night?
A) From drive-in movies to open mic nights, each of your Saturdays look different.
B) Painting the town red with anyone who will join you.
C) Staying at home with a good book.
D) Going to a show, cooking or watching TV.
E) Sharing a glass of wine with your closest friends.

2. Which of these is closest to your life goal?
A) Opening your own yoga or art studio.
B) Traveling the world alone.
C) Getting a Masters or PhD.
D) Becoming a CEO.
E) Starting a family.

3. Your friend calls you after having a bad day. What do you do?
A) Suggest a few movies that might cheer her up.
B) Take her out for a drink to get her mind off things.
C) Invite her over and listen patiently to her problems.
D) Talk her out of her funk with some gentle yet firm “tough love”.
E) Drop everything and tell her you’ll be right there.

4. Which outfit are you most likely to be caught wearing?
A) Anything with bright colours and a unique pattern.
B) A bomber jacket, boots and a band tee-shirt.
C) Comfy leggings and shirts in muted tones.
D) A blazer with nice pants or a skirt.
E) Jeans and a casual sweater from your fave brand.

5. What is your fave workout style?
A) Aerials and silks.
B) Bouldering.
C) Anything at the gym.
D) Jogging.
E) Barre or spin class.

6. Your ideal vacation involves…
A) Exploring New York.
B) A weekend partying in Vegas.
C) A cabin somewhere in the woods.
D) A road trip to Portland.
E) A girlfriends’ getaway to Hawaii.

7. How would your friends describe you?
A) Creative, passionate and confident.
B) Excitable, adventurous and energetic.
C) Quiet, kind and analytical.
D) Mature, organized and down-to-earth.
E) Thoughtful, dependable and loyal.

Your Results

Mostly A: Cardigan
Like this style, you are highly creative and enjoy thinking outside the box. People know you as someone who is confident and very in touch with your inner artist. Accentuate this creative style by cinching your NoMiNoU scarf at the waist with a belt or even a beautiful ribbon.

NoMiNoU scarf style
Wolf teal wrap, cardigan style

Mostly B: Bandana

You pride yourself on being outgoing and adventurous, with a fierce independent streak. You have a large group of friends, and they love you for your honesty and ability to get the party started! Your NoMiNoU scarf is likely to have bright, loud colours and you usually wear it in a style that keeps your hair out of your way while you’re off adventuring.

Bandana scarf style
Wolf wrap worn as a bandana

Mostly C: Wrap Around
You prefer the simple things in life and most people would consider you to be more introverted. However, this is only partially true. You open up with a small group of your closest friends, and this is when your true personality shines. People who know you always say you have one of the kindest hearts around. This NoMiNoU scarf style complements your personality well.

NoMiNoU scarf style
Steph infinity scarf wrap around

Mostly D: Shawl 

You are mature and down-to-earth, just like this style, and your friends usually look to you to plan your nights out and road trips. This works well for you, as you enjoy the responsibility and are super organized. But sometimes you like to be a little more free-spirited — and wearing your NoMiNoU scarf as a shawl is how you like to express this side of yourself!

NoMiNoU scarf style
Eagle silver wrap worn as a shawl

Mostly E: Classic

Your motto is: If it isn’t broke, why fix it? You are incredibly level-headed and as reliable as they come. You are fiercely loyal to your friends and family and will drop everything if they are in need. You enjoy wearing your NoMiNoU scarf in this simple yet fashionable way.

classic scarf
Classically styled Warrior wrap