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Step into the world of Roy Henry Vickers with NoMiNoU's Exclusive Offer! 

Join us in celebrating the monumental achievement of Roy Henry Vickers, named the inaugural Elder-In-Residence for the prestigious B.C. Arts Council! NoMiNoU is honoured to collaborate with this iconic artist, and we invite you to immerse yourself in his remarkable creations.
For a limited time only, experience the magic of Roy Henry Vickers’ artistry like never before. With every order of his products, receive a complimentary RHV Art Card, a testament to his extraordinary talent and vision. Look out for the green RHV Badge to identify Roy’s designs.

Roy is a world–renowned artist, printmaker, painter, sculptor, author and keynote speaker. He is Tsimshian, Haida, Heiltsuk, Wuikinuxv, and English. Roy also holds the hereditary Chieftainship, Tlakwagila, House of Walkus, Owikeeno, B.C. Roy holds the Order of Canada, the Order of B.C. for his contributions to Canadian culture and the arts. 

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Artwork – ‘Eagle Grace’ by Roy Henry Vickers  – Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

Artwork ‘Raven Star 4’ by Roy Henry Vickers –  Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

Artwork ‘Eagle Love Andrea’ by Roy Henry Vickers –  Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

Artwork ‘Eagle Mist’ by Roy Henry Vickers –  Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

Artwork ‘Eagle Mist’ by Roy Henry Vickers – Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

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Artwork ‘4 Directions’ by Roy Henry Vickers – Tlakwagila Hereditary Chief

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