NoMiNoU Holiday Giveaway and Gift Guide

This year, Christmas has come early! That’s because NoMiNoU is partnering with some of our favourite brands to bring you a holiday giveaway like no other. Along with our hotly anticipated gift guide to help you find the perfect presents for everyone on your list, you’ll also have the chance to treat yourself! Read on to discover more about these amazing brands that we love, and how you can enter our giveaway…

NoMiNoU Gift Guide

Moon Juice

Moon Juice gift guide
Photo credit: Moon Juice

Based in LA, Moon Juice has developed a cult following among celebs and wellness personalities alike. The concept is unique, with a foundation in “plant-sourced alchemy” meant to encourage healing from the inside out. Famous for their moon dusts (mushrooms and powdered herbs that are jam-packed with essential vitamins), the idea for Moon Juice was born out of founder Amanda Bacon’s desire to share her wellness journey with the world. Her chef background ensures that all Moon Juice products taste amazing and can be used in a variety of ways, as outlined in her much loved Moon Juice cookbook! This is the perfect gift for the health-conscious friends and family members in your life.

Blume latte mix

Give your loved one’s a healthy upgrade with Blume’s unique vegetable and spice filled latte mixes. Ingredients like beetroot, turmeric and chili combine with spices like cinnamon, ginger and cardamom to give your morning cuppa a much-needed boost. Blume is the brainchild of Vancouver-based duo Karen and Ella, who have dreamed up a line of mixes full of essential vitamins and minerals with benefits ranging from immunity-boosting properties to anti-inflammatory components. Ummm, yes please! Even better, all Blume latte mixes are gluten-free, caffeine-free, vegan and organic. Plus your Blume lattes will look totally Instagram-worthy.

Naked Snacks
Naked Snacks healthy food

Snacking doesn’t need to be unhealthy! Naked Snacks believes that it should be as convenient for you to grab a quick, wholesome treat as it is to grab a chocolate bar. That’s why they offer a varied selection of good-for-you goodies that are sure to please any palate. Each and every snack bag offers a nutritionally-packed punch of flavour, including savoury options (think sriracha cashew nuts, wasabi pea mixes and chipotle-spiced chickpeas), sweet treats (peanut butter chocolate granola and a myriad of dried fruits), and mixed packets (like the 3pm Goji snack with dark chocolate, goji berries and nuts). The cherry on top? Every time you purchase a box of Naked Snacks, a portion of proceeds are donated to help feed a child in need. Food that tastes good and does good? Sign us up!

BDirty Co.
BDirty healthy deodorant giveaway

We all pay attention to what we put in our body, but what about what we put on our body? With an increasing list of chemicals that we can’t pronounce found in our beauty products, it’s time to take a step back and hit refresh. Enter BDirty’s natural, organic honey deodorant! A deodorant that’s truly worth the buzz (sorry, we couldn’t help the pun), BDirty is free from all the nasty chemicals and genetically modified ingredients. Plus, none of their products have been tested on animals and the glass packaging is completely recyclable, making this a zero-guilt purchase. With a lavish honey and oil base, whoever you give this gift to will be loving how it feels on their skin!

Skye Footwear
Skye Footwear Vancouver

“It looks good to feel good”. That’s the motto behind this revolutionary shoe brand that has made it their mission to meld comfort and style. And boy, do they look good! Skye Footwear has a unique futuristic design that is both ergonomic and eye-catching. Each pair comes with a cross-bungee shoelace system that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! The fully cushioned, deep gel insole sets Skye Footwear apart from other athleisure brands while rubber foam ensures that each shoe is both lightweight and highly shock absorbent. You’ll love the stretch and comfort of the materials, which were inspired by yoga pants. Skye Footwear comes in three eco-friendly and vegan styles: the boat-shoe inspired Lons, the wet weather Powll boot and the urbanized running shoe that is Rbutus. Personally, we’ll take one of each.

Supported Soul

Supported Soul yoga mats
Photo credit: Supported Soul

Perfect for yoga lovers, Supported Soul is a Canadian company with a truly revolutionary concept: they offer all-in-one yoga mat/towel combos! This makes rocking up to your favourite Vinyasa, Hatha or Bikram class no sweat — literally! Plus you can rest assured that each yoga mat is eco-friendly and free from toxins, chlorine, latex, silicone and phthalates, as the main components of their mats are microfibre and natural rubber. With a variety of trendy designs to choose from (we love the Graphic Palms!), Supported Soul yoga mats are sure to make the perfect addition to any fitness regime.

Lotus Wei

Lotus Wei armoatherapy
Photo credit: Lotus Wei

Even better than a gift card to the spa? Bringing the spa to your loved ones! Lotus Wei creates a myriad of flower-based essential oils, serums, mists and elixirs that can brighten even the darkest of moods. The word “wei” means both “transformative action” and “for the benefit of all”, and these products deliver on both counts. Designed with your mental and physical well-being in mind, Lotus Wei uses the finest ingredients hailing from all corners of the globe. From soothing physical tension to initiating behavioural changes (like cutting down on your caffeine intake), aromatherapy has never been so cool.



Fall in love with everything you saw in our gift guide? Well you have a chance to win some of them for yourself!

NoMiNoU Holiday Giveaway

The giveaway includes:

-10 bags of tasty snacks from My Naked Snacks
-A turmeric latte mix from Blume
-A pair of shoes (your pick!) from SKYE Footwear
-All-natural deodorant trio pack plus 2 full-sized skincare products from BDirty Co.
-Your own pair of eco-friendly NoMiNoU leggings

NoMiNoU yoga pants giveaway


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