NoMiNoU Ambassador Profile: Meet Stephanie Sy

Stephanie Sy is a dancer, certified personal trainer and kinesiologist who’s been dancing since she was a little girl. She’s also the founder of PŪR Movement, an award-winning studio that teaches dance and fitness classes. Stephanie’s passion for dance and movement earned her scholarships at world-renowned dance schools, and she garnered dance techniques from masters at the prestigious National Ballet of Canada, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and a scholarship from Edge Performing Arts Center in Los Angeles.

Stephanie, can you tell us what the idea of wellness means to you?
Wellness for me means being in a positive flow state with my physical and mental being.

How long have wellness and mindfulness been important parts of your life? Walk us through your personal wellness journey.
I can vividly remember my wellness and mindfulness journey inadvertently beginning at the age of 7. My parents had put me into a weekly ballet class and I absolutely fell in love with movement. All I knew back then was that I loved my Wednesday ballet class, and that the next Wednesday couldn’t come sooner. I continued my journey as a competitive multi-genre dancer and received numerous monetary and educational scholarships across North America.

What inspired you to open PUR Movement?
For over 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching and judging for 50 dance and educational institutions, but something was always missing for me. So I chose to open a boutique dance and fitness studio where I could pave the way and motivate others to find their own positive flow state. The inspiration came from the fusion of my dance history, my Human Kinetics and Sports Science degree and my love for movement and music. I wanted to create a beautiful multi-genre movement space where professional instructors and trainers could share their varied knowledge in a non-judgemental atmosphere, while inspiring and motivating others.

Photo courtesy of PUR Movement
Photo courtesy of PUR Movement

What does a typical day in your life look like?
A typical day for me starts with a quick ‘Moment of Gratitude,’ where I do some light stretching, yoga and meditation. I give thanks for all that I have, work through my top priorities in mind, and take a moment to remind myself of my goals. This helps me keep a positive mindset and my eyes on the prize! I then sip on my Bulletproof coffee, work through my emails, search for new music to choreograph to, and then head to the studio to choreograph or do office work before I teach.

How do you incorporate wellness into your everyday life?
Luckily for me, my husband specializes in energy and functional medicine, and prior to that was an elite athlete. So he helps me with my biochemistry and we’re able to blend our knowledge of training our bodies to come up with the best individualized protocol for me to do in our gym and studio.


What are your top wellness tips?

My top movement tip is to keep your movement varied and to enjoy the process! Add music, take a class to get motivated by the instructor and others in the room, or work with a knowledgeable trainer so they can keep your routine fresh, push you to do exercises you wouldn’t normally do on your own, and correct your form. My top health tip is to focus on detoxification. A simple solution I love is to use a far infrared sauna. Another great option for detoxification is to take activated coconut charcoal. This helps to eliminate and minimize toxins in the body.

Words you live by/your personal mantra?
I was greatly inspired by a handful of loving teachers growing up, and as an instructor myself, I live by the quote, “To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever”. I believe that I can affect positive change in people’s lives when I instruct or train them.

Photo courtesy of PUR Movement

What or who is currently inspiring you?
My husband and I are always inspired by Hawaii. We love the history of the islands, the people, and the beautiful sunsets so much that we decided to have our wedding there last month! The landscape is breathtaking and healing; it is perfect for our active lifestyles: I practice yoga and meditate on the beach while he surfs.

Any thoughts on the fitness industry trends we can expect to see in 2017?
I personally like to keep things simple and true to form so I don’t jump on all the fitness trends. I believe there’s a movement style for everyone and that each person needs to find their favourite type of movement for longevity. Seek out something that you enjoy and motivates you each day, so that the commitment to your health and wellness is easily maintained through your lifetime.

Favourite yoga pose and why?
Upward Salute/Urdhva Hastasana (sometimes referred to as the Palm Tree/Talasana) is one of my favourite poses because it is simple, yet key to a full body stretch, oxygen flow and exchange — and it helps create a strong foundation for movement. The moment my palms touch at the very top before folding forward, I feel a sensation and rush of positive energy and gratitude flow through me.

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