NoMiNoU Ambassador Profile: Meet Serena Matter

Ambassador Serena Matter is ALL about living a mindful life. As the editorial director of The Wanderlust Report, a digital lifestyle magazine focused on conscious travel, she and her team have created the go-to guide for jetsetters who want to explore the world in the most mindful way possible. Beyond that, Serena is obsessed with discovering the hottest new wellness trends (she’s currently crushing hard on chaga mushroom lattes) and is a stickler for perfect #gymswag (which is why she loves NoMiNoU)! When she’s not busy reporting on the newest hotspots for The Wanderlust Report, you can find Serena posting her escapades on Instagram.

What does wellness mean to you?
I think wellness is a state of mind more than just a healthy lifestyle. How many times have we known people who eat super clean and work out on the regular but feel stressed to the max, run down, or unhappy? When it comes to wellness, I believe that your mind leads. Your thoughts and feelings essentially create your reality.

How long have fitness and health been important parts of your life? Tell us about your personal journey.
For many years, I was a cardio junkie. My workouts were hardcore: kickboxing, skipping rope and running stairs were a few of my faves. Then one day I injured my back and had to stop working out entirely. When I was finally allowed to exercise again, I could only do low-impact workouts. It took some time, but I’ve learned to love the joys of light cardio activities like water running, and heavy weight training has been replaced by pilates. Looking back, I am actually thankful for the injury because it forced me to slow down. It was just what I needed to focus my attention on The Wanderlust Report — otherwise I would never have made my dream of creating the definitive guide to conscious travel come true!

NoMiNoU Wolf Collection on Serena Matter
Serena in NoMiNoU’s Wolf Collection

What does a day in your life look like?

Every single day is different. But I try to start each day with a gratitude practice, then I set my intentions for the day and do a short meditation. After breakfast, I spend the first part of my day focused on The Wanderlust Report: writing articles, conducting interviews, managing submissions, assessing potential partnerships and so on. Since I’m self-employed, I’m fortunate to be able to organize my day how it works best for me, but typically it’s a mix of writing, digital PR work for clients, squeezing in a sweat sesh, attending media events and seeing friends whenever possible.

With such a busy life, how do you maintain balance?
One day each weekend, I do a digital detox and completely unplug. Between texts, emails, FB, Insta, WhatsApp, Slack and all the other platforms I’m on, I am glued to my phone. By staying away from my computer screen for a full day and putting my phone on airplane mode, I’m able to get some much-needed downtime. I highly recommend incorporating a digital detox into your week in one form or another!

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The Eagle Collection in silver

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects in the works?

Continuing to build and grow The Wanderlust Report and our network of global insiders is my focus. We believe so strongly in the power of travel to positively transform the world, and our publication reflects the desire that discerning travellers have for eye-opening and enriching travel experiences. Mindful travel has yet to hit the mainstream in a major way, but we are proud to be on the leading edge of this purposeful movement.

So what are your fave picks from
 the current NoMiNoU collections?
I am in love with the feather print featured in the Jules Collection…I simply cannot decide between the light and dark grey! Another fave is the Wolf Collection; it’s incredibly striking with its bold red and black First Nations design contrasted against the bright white. And I can’t wait to see the new swimwear collection that NoMiNoU is unveiling soon!

Close-up of the Wolf Collection capris on Serena Matter
Close-up of the Wolf Collection capris

What or who is inspiring you lately?
I have a few Insta-crushes who give me major inspiration in different areas of my life, from food to fashion to wellness. Every time I see a post from @daniellelaporte, @duvet_days or @jedidiahjenkins, I have to stop and read it on the spot. The stories and insights they share are just so fascinating! I also love how creative @ladyandpups is in the kitchen. In one of her most recent recipes, she transformed a bucket of popcorn into polenta! And for a dose of daily life guidance, I’m a fan of @theinspirationrevolution.

Words you live by?
Follow the path that leads you to a life with the fewest regrets. I believe so strongly in this. While doing this may be much more challenging in the short term, in the long run you will be so thankful that you didn’t take the easy route and settle for mediocrity. Your future self with thank you for doing what it takes to have the life that you want!

The Eagle Collection in gold
The Eagle Collection in gold