NoMiNoU Ambassador Profile: Meet Chloe Elgar

Chloe Elgar is a Holistic Nutritionist, speaker, writer, published author and natural food chef. And if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also has a blog (Chloe’s Countertop), a regular podcast (the Conscious Conversations Podcast) and works with clients through her Living True Mentorship program!

What does wellness mean to you?
As a Holistic Nutritionist, wellness means balancing mind, body and spirit. Wellness is really about understanding that we are whole beings and that alignment is much more than just our body, or our mind. We can eat perfectly but if we avoid relationship issues or are too consumed with our work, then we’re out of alignment in our mind or spirit. In my book, I refer to this concept as “flow.” We are made of energy and as a result, things are always changing. When imbalance occurs, wellness is about how we react and what methods we use to re-align. Wellness is this entire state of living, including approaching imbalance with self-compassion, forgiveness and understanding.

How long have wellness and mindfulness been important parts of your life? Walk us through your personal wellness journey.
A long time. However, it has not always been about “flow” for me. For a long time, it was about restriction, judgement and pain. Growing up, my mum was always really defined by her diets. Whether she was counting calories, restricting meals or drinking diet Coke on the regular, the diet industry was a big part of our household. Naturally, I adopted a lot of these methods of weight control (or rather, imbalance). I developed an eating disorder at the age of 13 and struggled with it until around 21-22.

My health journey really shifted when I started studying holistic nutrition. Also, I began eating a plant-based diet and really focused heavily on nourishment, as opposed to weight control. It was at this point that my eating disorder tendencies really dissolved and I began eating food in balance and transforming my mind, body and spirit.

Chloe in the Steph Collection (black and white)
Chloe in the Steph Collection (black and white)

What does a day in your life look like?
It depends if I am travelling or not. If I’m at home, then it starts with walking my dog for 30-45 minutes (plus a podcast), followed by a glass of water (with lemon usually) and an adaptogenic latte (currently loving Harmonic Arts’ Elevate). I will then usually get started with work and have breakfast (smoothie, porridge, Lara bar). My work day depends on whether I have meetings, if I’m teaching and if I have any podcast recordings. If not, then I will spend the day working and writing, having sessions with clients, and going outside for breaks with my dog. Dinner is my favourite time to unwind, listen to music and cook – especially if I’m with my husband.

With such a busy life, how do you maintain balance?
I would say that the biggest piece is self-awareness. I have a very connected relationship with my body, and I keep a close eye on what is going on. My biggest focus is using a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to observation and always trying to employ holistic modalities to rebalance. Some of my non-negotiables are drinking water, sleeping 7-8 hours, daily energy expression (communication, movement), and optimal nourishment (greens, plant-based, good sources of fat).

What are your top three wellness tips?
1. Include a routine for things like sleep times, eating times and movement times.
2. Rotate your eating/drinking patterns. For instance, don’t always have coffee. Switch it up every now and then with food and meals.
3. Have some sort of daily check-in practice that includes body awareness, gratitude and honesty. If this can include your partner, all the better.

The Bri Collection (black and white)
The Bri Collection (black and white)

Words you live by/your personal mantra?
A quote by Rumi: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” For me, it really is about being humble and starting from the source of your impact: you. Every time I get overwhelmed and caught up in my ego, I remember that each person counts and I must turn to me in order to make big changes in this world.

What are your favourite items in the current NoMiNoU collection?
It’s so hard to pick! I’m loving the black and white print in the Steph leggings and also in the Bri leggings.

What or who is currently inspiring you?
Elizabeth Gilbert
Gary Vaynerchuk
My husband
Yoga Girl (aka Rachel Brethen)
Lauren Toyota

What’s next for you? Any exciting projects, collaborations, events, or personal milestones in the works?
I am hosting a retreat in Costa Rica called Living in Light: The Retreat. I will be releasing some online programs in early 2017 and opening up more spaces in my Living True Mentorship program. New and exciting podcast guests. Video, coming soon!