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Saving the environment, one shopping spree at a time! An innovative new activewear line takes PET (plastic water bottles) and turns them into fabric for the launch of their line NOMI.

Locally made from PET, NOMI’s designer Jullianna Smith takes her artfully inspired sayings onto activewear with the launch of her latest collection.

When Jullianna’s mother passed away a few years ago in Vancouver, she left hidden artwork around her home that she had been working on her entire life.

This treasure trove of art became the basis of NOMI and NOMI’s newly launched activewear line which combines inspirational quotes from famous women figures onto the activewear apparel.

NoMiNoU is a fusion of her mother’s name Naomi and the phrase “know me / know you”. The artistic blending of Naomi’s drawings with inspirational quotes from the influential females is designed to make women stand proud in their individualism.

NoMiNoU aims to uplift women in their everyday lives. To inspire pride in their individuality and make them feel beautiful in their essence.

NoMiNoU Designs offers one-of-a-kind imagery from original art intertwined with influential quotes by notable women, and showcased in a sophisticated yet whimsical line of clothing.

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