Brands That Recycle Plastic Bottles Into Clothing

BY: Christina Pellegrini/Cambio
Sep 15,2015
Photo Credit: Izabela Harbur

Sadly, the fashion retail industry hides a lot of scary secrets when you are shopping, like who’s making your clothes and what materials are going into them.

But all hope isn’t lost: There are some smart AF companies making stuff out of recyclables – even from things as unexpected as plastic bottles.

One such brand is the newly launched NoMiNoU, a yoga line by Founder and Creative Director Julianna Smith who makes her clothes in North America from 100-percent recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) – which includes plastic bottles. Julianna is a #GirlBoss on a mission – she incorporates her late artist mother’s drawings and meaningful quotes into her workout gear and everyday wear as #Inspo for girls and women everywhere.

Julianna’s not the only one turning bottles into something beautiful – ECOALF is making sustainable, stylish AF stuff like chic puffer coats and metallic backpacks.

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