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Nov 14 - 28, 2022


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100% Coal-Free Fashion
Is Already Here
No·Mi·No·U takes great care to use environmentally-friendly fabric and materials whenever possible. Each pair of No·Mi·No·U pants removes approximately 7 plastic water bottles from the environment.
NoMiNoU Made in Canada
Made in Canada
Designed, printed, and manufactured entirely in Canada
NoMiNoU Eco-Friendly
Eco-Friendly Materials
Such as polyester made from post-consumer recycled BPA-free water bottles, rayon made from bamboo, and TENCEL™ fabric made from sustainably sourced wood, all printed with eco-friendly water-based inks
NoMiNoU partners with international artists
Artists Compensated
We compensate our artists with industry high commissions and royalties
"We create lifestyle clothing that fosters connection and honours mother earth."
All of our clothing is designed, printed and manufactured entirely in Canada, reducing carbon emissions that result from sourcing and shipping products from overseas.
Roy Henry Vickers

Eagle Love Collection

Pre-ordering for Roy Henry Vickers’ Eagle Love Collection is now open!
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