Shabeena Helsley

Shabeena’s passion lies in sharing her artistic work with others. She believes that the beauty, colors and the rich language of art have the power to inspire, connect, heal and unite us. “When you act with courage and dedication”, she says, “then the path appears”. Shabeena’s goal for her art is to help others find their courage and inspiration to take that daunting leap to pursue their own dreams.

In her collaboration with NoMiNoU, Shabeena has created a design that includes the sacred symbol OM, which represents all of consciousness, and the word “shanti”, which means “peace”. Thus, the Sanskrit phrase “OM shanti shanti shanti” evokes personal, civic and cosmic peace, an enlightened state of being where you submit your desire to control and judge, simply going with the flow instead.

Featured Collections

Leggings, Capris

“Working with NoMiNoU has not only been a pleasure, but it has provided me with a unique and rare opportunity to reach and connect with the international community through my art. Few artists are able to track the success of their own work. NoMiNoU shows how my work is received on social media, promotional materials and detailed financial reports. Moreover, I am fairly and regularly compensated for my contribution through royalties. I appreciate the company’s ethics and support of women artists around the world, and am proud to be part of their community.”

– Shabeena Helsley

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