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Roy Henry Vickers - NoMiNoU

Roy Henry Vickers

“My name is Roy Henry Vickers. I am Tsimshian, Haida, Heiltsuk, Wuikinuxv, and English. I also am adopted into the house of Walkus, so I move through this world as a member of the house of Walkus of Owikeeno and I carry the hereditary Chieftainship, Tlakwagila. I am a teacher, a healer, a visionary and a leader, and I am communicating to teachers, healers, visionaries and leaders.

Let us hear the painful stories, accept our sad legacy of Indigenous genocide and move forward to healing as a nation. It’s time for a great healing that will return our people to their strength, truth, and beauty. It’s time for working together as one people. We are all in this canoe together.

I am happy to be working in partnership with NoMiNoU because NoMiNoU stands for us being one. They honour artists through commission fees and royalties and give back to Indigenous cultures through various charities and by supporting emerging artists. Their products are Canadian, with their clothing designed, printed and manufactured in Canada. The designs I create for NoMiNoU are exclusive to NoMiNoU.

 My life as an artist has been to teach people the beauty of the culture that exists in the Pacific Northwest. So in teaching my goal is for people to look at traditional Northwest Coast art and recognize what is good, and what is someone working at being good. My job as a teacher is to help people see the beauty of the art and it is my great pleasure to see someone wearing a shirt that has traditional Northwest Coast design on it. I expect to see Indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest wearing these designs and what gives me great pleasure is to see someone who is not from the Pacific Northwest wearing the artwork as clothing, to show the world the beauty of the art of the Pacific Northwest.

 I am looking forward to future creations inspired by my partnership with NoMiNoU.”

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Roy is a world – renowned artist, printmaker, painter, sculptor, author and keynote speaker. He is Tsimshian, Haida, Heiltsuk, Wuikinuxv, and English. Roy also holds the hereditary Chieftainship, Tlakwagila, House of Walkus, Owikeeno, B.C. Roy holds the Order of Canada, the Order of B.C. for his contributions to Canadian culture and the arts. He is a recipient of a Doctor of Letters from York University. His art is in many collections around the world including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll.

Yoga is a healing factor in Roy’s life. He believes yoga is good for the body, soul, and spirit. His collection blends the rich cultures of Ancient “Pacific Northwest Indigenous” inspired art with the ancient Eastern Indian discipline of yoga – two cultures with a unified message: we are all one. Says Roy, “Stay grounded in the land. We are one family on the earth, one race of humankind.”

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Roy Henry Vickers Limited Edition Collection

Limited Release, Limited Availability, RHV-Signed Hangtags:

Designed from the following pieces:

Raven Star

Orca Dorsal

Eagle Nest

Roy Henry Vickers – New Mainstays

Regular Release, Regular Availability

Roy Henry Vickers – Mainstays

Regular Release, Regular Availability

“We are all in the same canoe, we are one under the sun, one family of humans, one human race. I love to create from inspiration and know that the end result is greater than the sum of its parts because inspiration is divine.”

– Roy Henry Vickers

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