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Mark Gauti

Mark is a Coast Salish Artist from the T’Sou-ke First Nation. He works in a wide array of mediums including paint, acid-etched glass, wooden carvings, paddles and drums in addition to photography, fashion design, tattoos and various applications of digital art. His art and inspiration range from very traditional Coast Salish art and colour palettes, to more contemporary designs with vibrant colours and themes that push edges and create a truly 21st century aesthetic.

For the past 15 years, Mark has been very involved in Coast Salish Culture, participating in drumming, language programs, Tribal canoe journeys, as well as researching traditional art and storytelling. Traditional First Nation’s art and storytelling was the original form of environmental education and Mark has worked for years at this cross road of culture, story, art and education. Mark’s social marketing and adult education programs have been celebrated by First Nation governments, the Province of BC, BC Hydro, Royal BC Museum and others. The work he pioneered at T’Sou-ke has inspired other First Nations to build similar programs that integrate, art, culture and environmental education.

Mark believes that art should be shared and has created many projects that teach youth and First Nations people about Coast Salish art and traditions of good land management. Mark connects people to the natural environment and culture using photography and digit hybrid pieces that create a mystical union between nature and culture and across time.

Featured Collections

Leggings, Capris

My Name is Mark Gauti and I’m from T’Sou-ke Nation. I have really enjoyed sharing my art with NoMiNoU and seeing people wearing my artwork on their products. My art is based on really old stories and traditions which can make working with others complex but I trust NoMiNoU to treat it with the respect it deserves. One of my biggest reasons for working with NoMiNoU was because of how the products are made from recycled materials and that attitude towards the environment aligns with my beliefs and the culture of my people. I would say that NoMiNoU is an ethical company in both environment and culturally which is why I would be more than happy to work for them again.

– Mark Gauti

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