Eric Parnell

Eric Parnell has been active as an artist since 2002, yet his artistic heritage as a member of the Eagle clan of British Columbia’s Haida Nation goes back many centuries. He has worked at many jobs over his life, but making simple sketches (“doodling”, as he calls it) was always a pleasure for him. His partner, also very artistic, began to notice his talent and encouraged him to devote more time to his drawings and to show them to the public. He took her advice.

Eric describes himself as “self-taught,” saying that “books were my teachers”. He studied the traditional Haida art forms in books on this subject, learning the formal descriptions of the shapes and subjects of paintings and carvings, and adapting and creating his own distinctive paintings within this tradition. He also began to share with other artists, absorbing their examples and suggestions, but always following his own inner vision of what he wanted to portray. Eric specializes in limited edition prints, though originals can be acquired. He also applies his impressive talent to drums, garments, table tops and ceremonial attire.

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Spirit, Essence, Wings

Leggings, Capris, Shorts

Wolf Salmon by Eric Parnell

“My name is Eric Parnell. My family is from the Haida Nation, Haida Gwaii. Ancestral family originally from Kiusta, Haida Gwaii. I am blessed and honored to be collaborating with NoMiNoU Designs. I am more than satisfied and happy with the commission rates, and royalties I receive from NoMiNoU. Sharing my art with NoMiNoU makes me feel filled with gratitude. I am grateful for NoMiNoU for taking a chance with my art, and accepting me to begin a solid trusted work relationship. I am proud and thrilled that my Northwest Coast Native art designs have come to life through NoMiNoU. As humans, we are all one, so I encourage all races of life to wear NoMINoU’s product. I am honoured and humbled for people of all cultures to wear my artwork.”

– Eric Parnell

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